Create Lightning Component

To create a component (DeveloperConsole–File–New–Lightning Component) FirstComponent.cmp

Working Demo  

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Editing Records using Lightning Data Service

Using Lighting Data service now we are able to edit and save the updated information without writing single line of Apex Code to update records. In Lighting Base Component we have lightning:recordEditForm which is consuming lightning data service in order to get information and update to record. lightning:recordEditForm accepts recordId with objectApiName with both of these attributes which allows you to update […]

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Best way to load component faster

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We are allowed to create a dynamic Lightning Component’s in salesforce lightning development. With this type of Component development , you can increase the performance of the application. If you start loading components on demand then speed and application performance will get increase. Few ways that we can follow  Tab Based Development Conditional rendering inside […]

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Unlock & Lock records in lightning Experience

As we know Unlock and Lock buttons is not available in Lightning Experience when records is submitted for Approval Process, Here we can achieve this by using Approval class methods

Just Add this Component to your page by using App Builder  

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How to call Server Action from Lightning Component in Salesforce ?

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You can call Apex Methods from Lightning components. To call any of your apex methods in Lightning component it should be annotate with @AuraEnabled and Method should public static returnType methodName().  Working sample code ContactSearch.cmp

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CTI Integration using Open CTI DemoAdapter in Salesforce

Well I will not go into details why CTI is important or what are its important features. I will directly jump to its setup part, So if you have to prepare a quick demo for your client to make them understand how it works/look-like in Salesforce, then you are at the right stop.. Requirement: CTI […]

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